How do you define adore?

Heck, forget defining it. Do you adore yourself and allow others to adore you? Lisa Schrader joins us to share insights on learning to adore yourself first, so you can open up to receiving love from others.

We chat about why self-adoration is difficult for many people and how to shift your perspective to make space for others’ adoration. This isn’t about ego – it’s about allowing the gifts of love to flow to you and through you.

Learn why the “be, do, have” model may not serve you and how to reclaim and redefine midlife for you and your partner. If you’re ready to move past blocks in receiving love, this episode will help you rediscover the art of adoration from the inside out. Get ready to allow the gift of true adoration – both self-love and love from others.

Lisa Schrader

Lisa coaches high-achieving professional and spiritual women who are done being driven by pressure and are ready to be powered by pleasure instead. She was the first Tantra & Sacred Sexuality teacher to appear on Oprah.

For over two decades, she’s coached thousands of women worldwide in what she calls the “Shakti Woman Way:” of living with an abiding connection to body, heart and soul.

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