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130. One Woman’s Journey to Discover Her Sacred Assignment

Ever wondered how following your heart can lead to sweet success?Listen in on an inspiring conversation with Tracy Ernst, the creator of Essential Candy. Tracy’s journey as a mom, wife, and woman entrepreneur is a powerful testament to perseverance, intuition, and the...

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127. Coping Holistically with Manpreet

A Story of Dedication and Spiritual GrowthWhen life gets overwhelming and stress starts to take a toll on our mental health, we often seek ways to find harmony and peace. For Manpreet, the path to healing and spiritual growth began with yoga. In this episode of the...

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126. Pivot!

Mastering the Art of PivotingHi Friend! I wanted to record a solo episode of the Grounding Journey podcast two weeks ago, but... I was down with a nasty bug. I felt horrible and on top of that every time I tried to say more than three sentences I ended up in a...

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Feels good to listen and learn from vulnerable, honest and authentic women sharing their hearts from a space of generosity. Just finished the numerology episode. Thank you, Cris!


Exactly what I needed, right when I needed it

Today I listened to my very first episode, one I picked at random that happened to be on callings. All I can say is, WOW, was that a divine message meant exactly for me.

I’ve been feeling like I’m at a crossroads in life and feeling as if my dreams might just not be realistic. This made me see that it’s not my job to know or be certain. It’s my job to express what’s in my soul and let the universe/God figure out the rest.

I’m going to set aside more time to write this book inside of me thanks to your episode, Cris. So, thank you for pointing me back to my inner wisdom.


Such a rich and nourishing resource

Cris is cultivating a beautiful conversation that’s right up my alley. I’ve always been into self-help, exploring the energetic in life, having deep conversations, and getting to know my humanness more. This podcast is such a great one for reminding me of those interests when I get off track, of showing me new ways to live more intentionally and whole-heartedly. Highly recommend!

~ Eowyn Levene


I love how each episode is centered around a specific word. I found myself aligned with each one of the words and each guest! We are all on a Grounding Journey together.

~ HolisticBossBabe